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21. 2. 2017

Israel 1947-1967 Conference

International Conference under the auspices of Theodor Herzl Distinguished Chair
at Masaryk University February 21-23, 2017.

The Conference is specifically focused on three broad issue areas that are aimed
at providing a comprehensive image of both domestic and external aspects shaping
the beginnings and early years of Israeli statehood.

1) Dreams and Visions of Israel, focused on the emergence of the State of Israel
and the ideas that preceded and accompanied the process of its establishment

2) Israeli Society Between the Wars, focused on the making of Israeli society
and the impact of the process on the current societal and political developments
in Israel

3) Israel and the World, focused on the foreign agenda of the State of Israel
before 1967; however, papers dealing with the relations of Israel and
Czechoslovakia, or more generally with those between Israel and Central/Eastern
Europe are especially encouraged

Program Committee
Pavel Pšeja, Academic Convenor
Ariel Feldestein, Academic Convenor

Conference Coordinator: Šárka Prokopová, prokopova@czs.muni.cz