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2. Business Research Forum

2. Business Research Forum

The Business Research Forum held by Masaryk University took place on 27th march in Ceitec, Campus Bohunice 2. FSpS has presented its projects, technologies and different posibilities for cooperation with the commercial sphere.

The event was under the auspices of the Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovation Pavel Bělobrádek, the Mayor of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimka, the Mayor of the Statutory City of Brno Petr Vokrál and the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic.

At the end of the  day, doc. PhDr. Mgr. Hana Svatoňová, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for External Relations, thanked the current partners for collaborating on projects across Masaryk University.

Mr. Hanák from Boty J HANÁK R. s.r.o. And Mr. Hanousek from Code Creator, s.r.o. were given thanks for cooperation on joint projects with the Faculty of Sports Studies,

More detailed information about all the FSpS projects: https://www.muni.cz/en/research/projects?part=510000