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Brno Juggling Convention 2016

Brno Juggling Convention 2016

Faculty of Sports Studies hosted the third international Brno Juggling Convention from 12 February to 14 February 2016. More than 200 jugglers and acrobats from 10 countries participated. Participants were improving their skills during joint trainings and 15 workshops under the guidance of invited lecturers.

The highlight of the BJC 2016 was the international galashow on Saturday 13 February. Not only participants of the convention but also more than 100 visitors came to see the juggling legend Jay Gilligan (USA/SWE) and French diabolist Guillaume Karpowicz. Furthermore the visitors saw the acrobatic shows by Simplyacro and Circus TeTy and polish duo Maszy and Artura. The evening was hosted by comedian and clown Filip Teller with Adela Kratochvílová and Dasha Heiland Trávníková.

New part of this year convention was the Fight Night – the tournament in the juggling discipline with clubs. The winner of the Fight Night is Artur Perskawiec from Poland. Video is available at https://www.facebook.com/BrnoJugglingConvention/videos.

Valentine juggling games with attractive prizes closed the Brno Juggling Convention on Sunday 14 February.

Based on the responses of the media and the feedback of participants and visitors of BJC 2016 galashow the convention was evaluated very positively and hopefully contributed to the presentation of the Faculty of Sports Studies as an institution with a very broad scope of activities.

Photo Gallery BJC 2016: https://www.facebook.com/BrnoJugglingConvention/

WEB BJC 2016: http://www.brnojugglingconvention.cz