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Faculty Open Day 2015

Faculty Open Day 2015

The Faculty of Sports Studies' Open Day was held on January 15. Prospective students were informed about the possibilities of studying at FSpS MU, types of courses offered, exchange programmes for studying abroad, application procedure and terms and content of entrance examinations. Applicants who were interested in increasing their chances of success in the admission procedure were offered preparatory courses organised by the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

The introductory part was followed by presentations of various study fields lead by their supervisors. Afterwards, current students guided visitors through the faculty facilities, including state-of-the-art gyms and laboratories. The applicants had an opportunity to try the practical entrance exams in gymnastics, basketball and Jacík’s test.  

Open Day is an important event, which was proven not only by the number of visitors but also by the amount of their questions.

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