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III. Year of the Special Olympics for Handicapped Athletes

III. Year of the Special Olympics for Handicapped Athletes

Students of the second year of Sports Managment held, as a part of their practices, the 3rd Annual Regional Olympics Games for disabled on behalf of Czech Special Olympics Movement. The goal of the movement is to help people with mental disabilities to do sports and take part in competitions regardless their efficiency. That is what the organizers of this event and student volunteers accomplished. The Olympics took place in the arena of the athletic stadium on VUT Brno on 4th of May 2017.

There were around 180 sportsmen competing for the medals in various athletic disciplines, modern gymnastics, cycling and other customized disciplines. The event took place with the support of the South Moravian Region and the Brno City District of Královo Pole, plus other sponsors like Autosklo Roger, s.r.o., www.tel.servis.cz s.r.o., Tax Colsunting Brno, spol. s r.o., EP Rožnov, a.s., ABC Cyklosport, s.r.o., Instala – Mont, s.r.o., Starobrno, SWS, a.s., POE – POE, KTS Ekologie s.r.o., Audiana music, Mrs. Podlipná, Mrs. Halbrštátová and others.

It has been an established tradition that the medals are given to the victors by the famous sportsmen who come from Brno. This year it was the basketballer of the Europe of 2010, Hana Horáková, cyclists of Brno’s Dukla, olympics participant and the incumbent European champion and the current world champion Tomáš Bábek and multiple junior champion of the Czech Republic David Sojka.

Special Olympics in Brno are an unforgettable experience for everyone, which can be seen on the happy faces of all sportsman, organizers, and audience.