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International Summer School of Combatives 2014 - results

International Summer School of Combatives 2014

The Faculty of Sports Studies organized the third International Summer School of Combatives from 4th to 7th September, 2014. The project started in 2012 with the aim to develop internationalization of the faculty and to connect the academic environment with practice. The Summer School is open not only to students but also to public. There is a different kind of martial art, self-defence or combative activity as the main topic of the Summer school every year.

The Summer School, under the auspices of associate professor Zdenko Reguli, took place at the University campus Bohunice.

We have invited experienced trainers from the Czech Republic and abroad. Lubomir Grochocki from Poland specializes in trainings of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Czech trainer and fighter Rudolf Kříž led trainings of popular MMA (mixed martial arts). Capt. Tomáš Novohradský from the University of Defence focused his lectures on fitness.

Four days programme was very intensive and physically demanding. Brazilian jiu jitsu is typical by sophisticated fight on ground. Lubomir Grochocki presented plenty of combinations of techniques which led to logical and elegant complex. Tomáš Novohradský used different sports equipment to make his lectures of fitness varied and entertaining. During the explanation of MMA techniques participants appreciated didactic approach of Rudolf Kříž, complemented with his rich experience of active fighter.

The Summer School brought together participants with different backgrounds who are interested in combative sports. So karate and aikido fighters, capoeirists and self-defence trainers met on tatami and exchanged their skills and experience. The open atmosphere led to effective communication between academic environment and practice.

The third year of the International Summer School of Combatives was very successful and also strongest one. There were more than 40 participants from four countries. Concerning the feedback from participants and one of the main organizers Mgr. Jan Šenkýř, the Faculty of Sports Studies is planning to continue next year in innovative style following new trends in combative sports. Information about the International Summer School of Combatives is available at http://www.fsps.muni.cz/summerschool/.