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International Summer School of Combatives 2015

International Summer School of Combatives 2015

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join our 4th INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL OF COMBATIVES that will take place at the Faculty of Sports Studies from 3rd September to 6th September 2015.


The International Summer School of Combatives is an international project that aims to develop skills and knowledge in the field of martial arts, combative sports and self–defence. The Summer School is open to university students as well as the public. The unique Summer School focuses on a specific area of physical activity - combatives. The program is always composed to include different styles of combatives under the guidance of international instructors.

The fourth Summer School of Combatives will focus on two areas: traditional Okinawan martial art karate and very popular Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So those who prefer traditional styles can enjoy karate lectures under the guidance of British teacher Lyn Jehu and proponents of ground fighting can improve their skills with Polish lecturer Lubomir Grochocki. Students can earn 4 ECTS.

Applicants can choose from two options:

Whole Summer School lasting 4 days: https://is.muni.cz/obchod/baleni/87937?lang=en

Shorter programme of any two days: https://is.muni.cz/obchod/baleni/87936?lang=en

For more information visit the web page http://www.fsps.muni.cz/summerschool/ or Facebook www.facebook.com/SummerSchoolOfCombatives