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Research results: Athlete's life story after professional career II.

Research results: Athlete's life story after professional career II.

To be professional sportsman means to live life that an ordinary person would find hard to imagine. Hours and hours of training and other preparations can in a good case become incredible happiness and celebrations in front of thousands of applauding people, feeling of an absolute fullfillness and also an above-standard financial evaluation.

The need for training and also regeneration means that the person has a very little appetite to do anything else. He usually realises his long lost opportunities after he leaves rumbling stadiums. Many professionals struggle with getting back to normal life. The often have no qualification and even more often they don’t have proper motivation.

This i sone of the messages that FSpS research came up with. „For most of the respondents, the end of their professional carier basically the end of world.“ Said Zora Svobodová, the main person in the scientific project in which sports psychologist Hana Válková is also an important participant. The individual fate of the athletes depends mainly on whether they are preparing for the transition to normal life and have a strategy to do so. It has also turned out that family background plays a significant role in all life changes.

More detailed information about the project: https://www.muni.cz/en/research/projects/37366