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Students of FSpS Are Helping with a Specific Research

Students of FSpS Are Helping with a Specific Research

A research team from the Faculty of Sports Studies ( the Department of Health Support) led by Ivan Struhar launched a specific research called „Effect of Selected Regeneration Procedures Applied in the Early Regeneration on Performance and Biochemical Recovery Indicators“ yesterday. Students of Applied Kinesiology play an important role in this project.

The aim of the study will be to investigate the effect of selected regeneration processes applied in the early regeneration phase on performance and biochemical recovery indications. Based on the data, the impact of regeneration processes on a predefined physical load will be compared.

The following parameters will be monitored from the performance parameters: maximum performance, average performance, lowest performance, time to the maximum performance, time to maximum RPM, initial RPM, maximum RPM, maximum RPM, average power/body weight, Total work and fatigue index. Also, the forces on bicycle ergometer knobs in the experimental test between left and right lower limbs (average, maximum diameter, the maximum angle in the angle, minimum diameter, minimum mean diameter, etc.) will be assessed. There will be a biochemical analysis of capillary blood including levels of lactate and parameters of acid-base balance (pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct, HCO3).

We will keep you informed about the project during the implementation on the FSpS website.