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The Biathlonist of the Year 2017

Biatlonista roku 2017

The results of the competition held by Czech Biathlon Union – The Biathlonist of the year 2017 – have been announced on the 3rd of May.

Two students from FSpS, Michal Krčmář, and Eva Puskarčíková ended up on the 4th and 3rd place. The second place was held by Ondřej Moravec. The complete winner was, of course, the queen of Czech biathlon, Gabriela Koukalová, who defended the title for the third time. Zdeněk Vítek, trainer of the year along with Ondřej Rybář, had influenced the performance of the Czech representative team. Eva Puskarčíková was announced as the Ski Jumper of the year.

Congratulations and many more medals to the Czech biathlon!

Live stream from the gala evening:  http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/11853268444-biatlonista-roku-2017/217471291249001-biatlonista-roku

Photo: Tomáš Krist, MAFRA