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Science and Research, Projects

The Department of Kinesiology is currently the principle investigator of a number of projects aimed at teaching innovation, as well as projects with a research theme. One of the most innovative projects includes the project Impact, aimed at upgrading all of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree studies. It is focused on the creation of study materials. Another innovative project conducted by the Department is Na hřišti i na vodě být s dětmi vždy v pohodě (On the playground and in the water, being with children is always a joy.) One of the most important research projects at FSPS is the POSTDOC project, under which two studies are designed to investigate both the effect of special shoes and the physical activity of the population. One remarkable research study that the department is engaged in is the research on the effect of "pregnancy shoes". This research is funded by the General Health Insurance Company. The Department of Kinesiology also includes two laboratories. The Biomotor Laboratory focuses on research into the biomechanics of human movement and on research of the physical activity of the population. The Laboratory of Sports Medicine is focused in particular on the issue of load diagnostics, as well as on research into the impact on health. In the area of commercial cooperation, the main partner of the Department is the shoe company Boty J Hanák R, s.r.o. with which it works on a number of projects aimed at the development of footwear for specific population groups. Another partner company is Alfa Helicopter, s.r.o. with which the Department cooperates in creating educational safety materials in the area of risk of injuries during physical activity and risks of accidents during physical activity.

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