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Science and Research, Projects

In the field of science and research, experts from the Department are primarily active in the areas of the prescription of physical activity among specific population groups, e.g. those suffering from metabolic syndrome or who have undergone cancer treatment, as well as competitive athletes. Furthermore, the Department engages in the research of sports nutrition and its impact on athletic performance. Finally, it offers an analysis of workplace ergonomics and the impact of work activities on the health of employees. The Health Support Laboratory falls under the Department of Health Promotion. On the university campus, athletes and the public are offered body composition analysis using the In Body device, nutritional counselling (analysis of eating habits and diet preparation, drafting nutritional supplementation plan), diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system (basic anthropometric tests, muscle testing, examination of the postural stereotype) and recommendations for physical activity (creation of a motion plan, creation of a regeneration plan), complete kinesiological analysis, physical therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional counselling and more.

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