Biomotor laboratory

The Biomotor Laboratory provides a facility for education represented by teaching and project activities of students. At the same time it is one of the main facilities responsible for research activities at FSPS.

Its main objective is to explore basic movement manifestations of man, both structured and unstructured physical activities from the kinetic, kinematic and functional perspective and the application of results in practice. 

The laboratory is equipped with plenty of modern equipment that enables both laboratory research, as well as mobile field measurements. The basic equipment includes:

  • 3D kinematic analysis-SIMI motion
  • Dynamometric platform and walkway - Bertec, Provec, FitroForce
  • stabilometric platform - FitroSway 
  • analysis of pressure distribution - Emed, Pedar 
  • telemetry systems including EMG - Mye, Vernier 
  • accelerometer sensors - ActiGraph, Garmin 

Currently, the Biomotor Laboratory is involved in projects characterizing the techniques and walking dynamics of the general population, the issue of foot load problems during pregnancy, the load effect on the state of the plantar, verification orthopedic insoles on the state of the feet and many others. It is engaged in research topics focused on the general population as well as issues related to competitive sport and top sports.