The laboratory of sports medicine

The goal of the laboratory is to provide temporal, spatial, instrumentation and material conditions:

  • for the teaching of FSPS students (seminars, demonstrations, practical exercises)
  • for research activities for students (Bachelor’s, Master's and Doctoral theses) and academic staff of the faculty (basic and applied research projects, carried out at FSPS)
  • for measurement, analysis, testing, and consulting activities for the general public in the context of the business license of MU.

Performed procedures:

  • physiological and sports medical tests of human responses to physical load in the laboratory and in the field, for example to determine the energy intensity of movement, physical fitness, determination of aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, training zones, fat utilization during exercise, for setting guidelines for training or rehabilitation, or to discover any malfunctions of the body during exercise (ergometry, spiroergometry, ECG stress test)
  • pulmonary function testing (spirometry flow curve / v),
  • examination of the state of autonomic regulation for assessing the fatigue of the body of athletes in the prevention and diagnosis of overtraining (spectral analysis of heart rate variability)
  • musculoskeletal examination to detect poor circulation or damage from overloading  inflammation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. (infrared thermography)
  • assessing the growth of children, determination of biological age and forecast of further growth of children (maturity assessment of the bone structure of the hand); somatotype and body composition (anthropometry)
  • evaluation of the anaerobic-speed capability (jump ergometry).

Exclusive performances

  • spiroergometry on the treadmill and in the field, 
  • thermography of the musculoskeletal system,
  • determination of the bone age of children and their adult height prediction (TW2 3).


  • Bicycle ergometer: KETTLER Ergorace, ERGOLINE Ergoselect 200, LODE Excalibur, 
  • Treadmills: LODE Katana, SAPILO Warulu,
  • Analyzers of respiratory gases: CORTEX Metalyzer 3B, OXYCON Mobile,
  • Spirometry:: SPIROBANK, MICRO Plus
  • Analyzers of heart rate variability: VarCor, TF4 DiANS PF8/4,
  • Thermographic cameras: FLUKE TiR, FLIR, SC260
  • Jump ergometer: FITTRONIC,
  • Anthropometric instrumentarium.