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19. 9. 2017

Changes in health and wellness perceptions

Lecture of John Travis - founder of wellness in the USA
What does wellness mean and tips on what to do to be healthier from the founder of the wellness movement.
Who is John Travis? John Travis became one of the founders of wellness when he in 1975 opened his first wellness center in San Francisco as a doctor concerned with unsuccessful treatment of  civilization diseases. Since that time, formerly unknown word "wellness” has become a worldwide trend across different fields. According to John Travis, wellness is much more than just not being ill. He says one needs to také care of his health holistically and to pay the same attention to body, mind, emotions and spirit and even the environment one lives in. That is the main concern of his book Wellness Workbook and his lectures that he led at RMIT University of Melbourne. The original concept is not a synonym of a spa, though it is often used in that way. In many ways, it is closer to Greek Kalos Kagathos (combination of beauty and goodness). To achieve this goal he uses contemporary science and modern social knowledge. You can find more information about this subject from John Travis himself.

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