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Information for students

  1. Important links
  2. Information on initiating the studies
  3. Class schedule
  4. Scholarship
  5. Conditions for completing the studies


Important links:


Schedule of seminars for full-time students

Beginning in 2012 autumn semester, courses for doctoral students will take place in the form of seminars each Thursday from September 20, 2012, till December 20, 2012, following the schedule (see the link below).

Courses take place in room A34/225.

Attendance is compulsory for full-time students.



Awarding scholarships is regulated by MU Scholarship Regulations.

Scholarship awarded for creative results of doctoral students

  • The rules of this scholarship program are regulated by Dean Standard No. 3/2010.
  • This scholarship is meant for full-time students.
  • Entitlement for the scholarship is assessed on the basis of submitting Creative Results Record on the 30th day of the last month of a quarter year.


Conditions for completing the studies

State doctoral examination

  • Requirements for state doctoral examination
  • Requirements for Doctoral Thesis propositions
  • Application for state doctoral examination


Defending Doctoral Thesis

  • Requirements for Doctoral Thesis defense
  • Requirements for Doctoral Thesis
  • Requirements for Doctoral Thesis Presentation Paper
  • Application for Doctoral Thesis defense
  • Supervisor’s approval of Doctoral Thesis defense
  • Opponent’s Report
  • Withdrawal from Doctoral Thesis defense