Corona-Erasmus at FSpS: Still worth it despite online teaching

25 international exchange students came to the Faculty of Sports Studies in the autumn semester. Most of them decided to stay in Brno despite the restrictions and online teaching. Inês Monteiro from Portugal shared her experiences with this very unusual semester.

11 Jan 2021

One of the reasons why I wanted to go on Erasmus was to meet new people from all over the world and I am happy that I’ve managed to meet a lot of them despite the current world situation.
So far, I’ve met students from 21 different countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Iraq, Chile, Austria and many more. I met a lot of them thanks to language courses from Erasmus Students Network – I am participating in French and Indonesian classes and it is pretty exciting. Before the restrictions, we were also organizing international dinners; it was nice to experience various customs and traditions through typical foods.

Online teaching isn’t easy, but our teachers support us and they try to keep us active. They’ve asked us for practical tasks, for example to go on a run outside, to walk around the city or hike in nature. I have been trying to stay physically active, so I’ve been doing more and more physical exercise outdoors and from time to time I would go running together with other international students.
The first months of my Erasmus flew by very quickly and I am happy that I was able to leave my comfort zone and that I had the opportunity to try living in another country, with a different language and currency. I’ve learned many new things and met new people from all over the world and I can’t wait to visit them in their home countries when it becomes possible again.

Photos by international students

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