Newly founded institute looks for Czech wellness

14 Oct 2019

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The Czech Wellness Institute (ČWI) has been founded in Brno. It is an association of experts, organizations and enthusiasts interested in wellness. Together they are concerned with everything people need to be cheerful, happy and healthy. The institute was founded at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University and with the support of the American National Wellness Institute. Apart from raising awareness of the meaning of the word “wellness”, which means more than spas and whirlpools, the institute is preparing professional discussions, educational events and at the moment also an online survey called: “What is “Czech wellness“?

Wellness is a term that is used today in many fields and areas, often without a clear explanation of the meaning of the word. There are many programmes and wellness services as well as wellness experts scattered across various fields that look after the health and well-being of people using different methods and approaches.

Wellness is a profession that connects academics and practitioners.

“Wellness is a profession recognized abroad as professional non-medical care for all parts of people´s health. It is concerned with the overall well-being of people at work and in their personal life, not only with their physical or mental health. With the help of ČWI activities we would like to support this more holistic perception of health in the Czech environment as well,“ says Jana Stará, President of the Czech Wellness Institute.

The Czech Wellness Institute was founded at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University in Brno as a result of several years of student and doctoral work and cooperation with other colleagues who were involved in the foundation of the organization. The aim of this partnership is to build a bridge between scientific knowledge and everyday experience, between the academic environment and practice.

It is also about opening a dialogue across different fields, which may seem different at first glance, but they share an interest in healthy development and human life. Wellness professions can include physiotherapists, teachers, social workers, nutritional consultants, coaches, personal assistants, nurses as well as managers, team leaders, activists and sociologists. The institute is preparing educational and networking events and professional discussions for these and other experts.

Upcoming events include for example:
Wellness afternoon with ČWI (Brno, 24th November)
The Czech Wellness Institute develops the legacy of the American National Wellness Institute.

The Czech Wellness Institute represents the Czech Republic in the NWI International Standing Committee which endeavours to promote wellness across the continents, countries and cultures. The aim of the Czech Wellness Institute is not only to take over foreign teachings but to define specifics of the Czech wellness in joint discussions, to find what we have in common, what is unique and where there are white spaces that we can develop.

“Wellness has been a concept of an overall healthy life for over 40 years. Nevertheless, each person has a unique method of how to be well. Therefore the Czech Wellness Institute starts with the search for the so-called Czech wellness,“ says Jana Stará.

If you would like to join, please fill in our online survey.
Contact person: Jana Stará
Tel: + 420 776 614 121

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