Physical Education for all students

University Sport Centre

One of our departments, University Sports Centre, provides physical education to students and staff of the whole Masaryk University. Some degree-seeking students even have compulsory PE as a part of their study programme. If this is your case or if you just want to move your body or relax after a long day in the library or lab, you can enrol one of these English PE courses. You should register it the same way as all other courses in IS. Do not hesitate as the capacity is limited!

PE courses in English for all MUNI students

  • Most of the following PE courses are regular weekly classes.
  • Students should register the PE courses the same way as all other courses in IS.
  • Spots are reserved primarily for degree-seeking students. Everyone else can apply for exception in IS: IS Giudelines, page 10
  • Each student can enrol only one PE course per semester.
  • Students, who do not want a full semester PE course can use our fitness gym on Campus or search for commercial gyms in Brno.

Due to Covid-19 preventive measures, physical education courses in Spring are limited to several online courses:

Code Name ECTS Lecture Seminar Course Supervisor  
P9011 Physical Education – Functional and Core Training 1 0 2 online Pokorná, A.  
p902 Physical Education - Fitnessyoga 1 0 2 online Vychodilová, R.  
p912 Physical Education – Pilates 1 0 2 online Vacenovský, P.  
p9908 Physical Education – Zumba 1 0 2 online Střeštíková, R.  
p9911 Physical Education - Outdoor activities distant 1 0 2 online Kolářová, K.  

Special sports courses

  • Spots are reserved primarily for sports students. Everyone else can apply for exception in IS: IS Giudelines, page 10
  • More specialized, some are theoretical and expect previous knowledge. Some are sports-focused and easy to follow.
  • Students should register the PE courses the same way as all other courses in IS.

special sports courses


  • University Gyms and other sports facilities are dedicated to teaching and most are not open to students individually.
  • Students use the gyms during their PE or sports classes.
  • Only the fitness gym on Campus is available to students' individual activities (for a small fee and when there are no classes)
  • There are many other commercial gyms and sports facilities all around Brno.

How to enter fitness gym on Campus

Fitness gym on campus

  • fitness equipment, spinning bikes, rowing machine, treadmill, weightlifting cages, mats, dumbbells, sound system
  • When there are no classes, the fitness gym can be used by all MUNI students for a small fee (70 CZK for one entrance or 500 CZK for 10 entrances).
  • Pay and get your entrance card in the cash office - room A33/206
    - office hours: Monday to Friday 9-11, Tue 1-3 pm, Fri 1-2 pm
  • Check the schedule - select "Posilovna Bohunice"
  • Before entering always show your card at the reception.

view map fitness gym schedule

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