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At the Faculty of Sports Studies there are three independent workplaces, which offer their services to athletes and the public. These are a Biomotor Laboratory, a laboratory for the support of health and a sports medicine clinic. These laboratories have access to the latest equipment and top professionals. The services offered are interrelated and should be linked together. The laboratories can be found on the university campus, at the Faculty of Sports Studies. If there are a lot of people interested, it is possible to get group discounts.

The biomotor laboratory and kinanthropology research projects provide the following services:

•    diagnostics and composition of the human body
•    plantography - analysis of foot load for healthy patients, ill people and athletes
•    advice and consultation in the areas of the theory of sports training, the development of training plans and the training management process
•    determining the intensity of exercise in a laboratory and in field conditions
•    determining the level of coordination skills
•    Biomechanical analysis – a record of the techniques of various sport exercises with the help of the SIMI Motion and INNOVISION devices.
•    For more information see: http://www.fsps.muni.cz/komerce/laboratore/lab-biomotoriky-134.html


test price (CZK)
Comprehensive kinematic analysis of movement structures - SIMI Motion and INO VISION systems 1200,-
Static and dynamic plantography - Novel EMED system 500,-
Static and dynamic plantography - Novel PEDAR system 1000,-
Measurement of ground reaction force of lower limbs - FITRO Force Plate system 350,-
Measurement of the level of static balance - FITRO Sway Check system 350,-
Balance tests – Bertec system 300,-
Jump power (ergometry) - FITRO Jumper system 250,-
Assessment of level of coordination ability - FITRO Agility Check system 400,-
Assessment of reaction ability –FITRO Reaction Check system 350,-
Diagnosis and analysis of the composition of the human body - INBODY 720 system 500,-
Analysis of the composition of the body by bio-electrical impedance – Bodystat system 300,--
Measurement of exercise intensity in laboratory and field conditions, using Sport testers, G3 units Depending on type of test
Motor skills tests Depending on type of test
Advising, consultancy in the field of sports training, creating exercise plans, management of the training process 300,-/consultation + making a plan
Advising, consultancy in the field of controlled physical activity, making plans for regular physical activity 300,-/consultation + making a plan


The laboratory for the support of health and the physiotherapy clinic offer the following tests:

• Nutritional counselling - analysis of eating habits, making a diet plan, creating a plan of nutritional supplements
• diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system - basic anthropometric tests, muscle testing, postural test
• physical activity recommendations – setting up a movement plan, setting up a regenerative plan
• Complete kinesiological analysis
• Physical therapy, individual therapy and others

test price (CZK)
Analysis of body composition using the In Body 230 system 350,-
Measuring RMR using indirect calorimetry 850,-
Analysis of dietary habits and creating a diet plan 850,-
Assessment analysis of eating habits 300,-
Developing a plan of nutritional supplementation for athletes 500,-
Basic anthropometric test 200,-
Muscle test 600,-
Postural test 200,-
Setting up a movement plan 500,-
Setting up a regenerative plan 500,-
Setting up a compensation plan (one part) 250,-
Individually guided reconditioning fitness training 500,-
Group led reconditioning fitness training 100,-
Regenerative and sports massage (depending on part of body) 100 - 600,-


The Sports Medicine surgery is focused on teaching, research and medical activities. It is dedicated to the following areas of medical services:

•    Prevention - especially preventive medical check-ups of sportspeople and students of Physical Education and Sport
•    Carrying out diagnosis and therapy – targeted and comprehensive check-ups by a physical education doctor when health problems, diagnosis, or treatment are related to physical activity, physical education or sport.
•    Testing physical fitness, aerobic capacity, the so-called anaerobic threshold and level of fatigue
•    Determining bone age and adult height prediction in growing children
•    Body composition and somatotype
•    For further information see: http://www.fsps.muni.cz/telovychovnelekarstvi/


test price (CZK)
Medical examination of sportspeople and people studying physical education or sport with simple ergometry 880,-
Thermographic examination of damage to the musculoskeletal system from overload or injury 250,- (each further slide 50,-)
Determination of bone age and final adult height prediction 330,-
Electrocardiography when lying down resting 220,-
A simple stress test 550,-
Examination of heart rate variability 330,-
Advising, consultation and education of patients and their parents 110,-
Advising, consultation and education of patients and their parents 330,-
Check-up by a physical education doctor 150,-
Thorough examination by a physical education doctor 550,-
Spiroergometry 1320,-
Anaerobic "Wingate" test 30 seconds 660,-
Stress test to determine the lactate "anaerobic threshold" on a bicycle ergometer or treadmill for athletes 1100,-
Jump ergometer 220,-
Body composition (Matiegka) and somatotype (Heath - Carter) 220,-

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