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Official bodies

Academic boards

Faculty Academic Senate


Scientific Board

Disciplinary Committee

Additional Boards

Faculty bursar

Consultative Boards

Dean's Council

Dean's Council

Assoc.Prof. Mgr. Jiří Nykodým, Ph.D. - vice-dean for lifelong learning and technical support

Assoc.Prof. PaedDr. Jan Ondráček, Ph.D. - vice-dean for studies

Mgr. Tomáš Vespalec, Ph.D. - vice-dean for external relations

PhDr. Jan Cacek, Ph.D. - vice-dean for research and development

Mgr. Bc. Oldřich Racek, Ph.D. - vice-dean for strategy and development

Mgr. Lenka Zemanová, MPA - faculty bursar

Mgr. Milena Strachová, Ph.D. - chair of academic senate

Past and present Deans