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Vision and mission


In 2020 the Faculty of Sports Studies will be: 

  • a faculty offering valuable higher education grounded on high quality general foundations that are in turn based on a wide spectrum of social, biomedical and physical education disciplines
  • a faculty that reflects the changes in society through a comprehensible offer of education
  • a faculty that supports the development of culture and the inclusion of sport in the lives of the population in the region
  • a faculty that effectively utilizes its strong application potential in the preparation and implementation of FSpS research activities
  • a faculty that offers exceptional conditions for top-class doctoral programmes connected with research, providing graduates with increased employment opportunities
  • a faculty that increases the individual responsibility of individuals in relation to society and the involvement of staff and students in the resolution of issues in society
  • a faculty that shares its knowledge in the field of public health, and that spreads physical and sporting activities and supports volunteering throughout society
  • a faculty that is an economically stable part of MU, has modern strategic and efficient management, quality infrastructure, and modern information and library systems and services.



The mission of the faculty is to educate professionals to meet the needs of sport in all educational processes and promote attributes of a healthy lifestyle as a necessary part of a modern lifestyle. The faculty applies and develops knowledge of sports medicine for the needs of sports and sports education, passes on the latest knowledge in the field of regeneration and nutrition in sports as well as in everyday life, prepares qualified specialists for educational activities in social and leisure areas, as well as educates professionals in the field of Sport Management. It also pays special attention to the educational process necessary for the professional activities of security bodies.

Besides pedagogical work, the faculty teachers are also engaged in scientific work. In research activities, attention is focused on three strategic directions: dynamic and kinematic analysis of human movement, biomedical aspects of movement and social science aspects of physical education and sport. The faculty cooperates with many foreign institutions.

The Faculty of Sports Studies educates physical education teachers for the needs of schools of all levels, providing doctoral studies in the field of Kinesiology as well as educating experts for the needs of sports including awarding licenses in selected branches of sports. All the studies take place in two stages, with an emphasis on the permeability of the Bachelor and Master’s studies among different universities of the same type. Master's degree study focuses on the study of teaching physical education. The Kinanthropology doctoral programme is designed for graduates of master's degree study programmes at universities. The aim of the study is to deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired in the Master's degree study programme and gain the ability of independent scientific work.

Employment opportunities are broad. Graduates of the Bachelor’s study programmes find employment in school clubs and youth centres as organizational personnel or managers of civic associations, fitness centres, private sports clubs or security bodies. Graduates of the Master’s study of teaching programmes find jobs as teachers in primary and secondary schools. Graduates of doctoral study programmes find their vocational position as teachers and researchers in the field of Kinanthropology at universities.