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Another Course in Self-Defence for the Visually Impaired

Another Course in Self-Defence for the Visually Impaired

On Saturday 22nd June, a course in self-defence was held for the blind and visually-impaired under the auspices of the Department of Gymnastics and the Sports Faculty’s Combat Sports. The course was again held in the combat sports gym in Brno’s Komarov district.  In the theory class, participants were introduced to the issue of self-defence and crime prevention.  In the practical part, co-ordination skills were developed using balancing aids. Then the use of the basic technical means of self-defence were trained in a way tailored to the sight-impaired.  Even in the extremely hot weather conditions, all participants managed to complete the course without any great difficulties.  The next course is planned to be held sometime in the autumn.


Contacts for anyone interested in the course:

Dr Alena Skotáková, Ph.D. –

Martin Zobač –