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FSpS Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of its Founding

FSpS Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of its Founding

On 7 December 2017, the Faculty of Sports Studies celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding with a gala evening. The gala program "FSpS celebrates 15 years" was organized by the faculty employees, from the Department of Gymnastics and Combatives in cooperation with some external departments. The evening was opened by the Dean of the Faculty, doc. Jiří Nykodým, who welcomed guests from the Rectorate and other faculties. Subsequently, the rector of Masaryk University, doc. Nicholas Beko also welcomed everyone.

In the program of the evening, the following study programs were presented: Animator of Sports Activities (ASAK), Field of Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport (RVS), Physiotherapy (FYZI), Physical Education Teaching (TVS), Sports Management (MAN) ). The students of the FSpS, FSpS employees and the children from Dvorská Blansko Elementary School, gymnasts and seniors appeared with various dance performances, Erasmus students came with a juggling performance. We thank all the participants.

At the end of the program was given an imaginary relay among 3 deans: prof. Michal Charvat, who led the faculty in 2002-2009, doc. Jiří Nykodým, who was in charge of two periods (2010-2017) and doc. Martin Zvonar, who is to become a new Dean on January 1, 2018.

Finally, we thank the sponsors, CAMPEA, the Starobrno Brewery, the Tomčala Winery, the AFIT fitness center and the dormitory and the canteen management.

The festive evening continued with social gatherings for staff and guests, the students were having fun at the AFTERPARTY which took place in the club 7. Nebe.