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Israeli martial arts experts shared their skills with students at the Summer School of Combatives

Izraelští experti na bojová umění trénovali studenty na Summer School of Combatives

6th year of the Summer School of Combatives took place at the Faculty of Sports Studies from 30 August to 2 September 2018. During the 4-day programme, the participants trained various techniques of martial arts and self-defence under the guidance of two Israeli martial arts experts Avi Nardia and Sapir Tal. Apart from the traditional martial arts, the students learned also other interesting skills useful especially in security services.

Mostly practical activities were combined with theoretical lectures and model situations. As a former special forces member, Avi Nardia is very experienced and has many real operation cases to share. Students trained various combative techniques with and without weapons, defensive tactics and disarming drills. Other special activities proved their stamina, strategic thinking and ability to cooperate. Arresting training taught the students how to keep the situation under control and prevent defiance. Binding techniques taught them not only how to secure handcuffs but also how to free themselves when restrained. Military games allowed participants to command others and strengthened their unity towards effective cooperation. Even though the whole course was held in light and friendly atmosphere, the instructors emphasized that martial arts are all about mutual respect, and in the rare cases of real intervention it is crucial to use them adequately to avoid unnecessary violence.