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MUNI Finished Second at the Czech Academic Games

MUNI Finished Second at the Czech Academic Games

Masaryk University’s sportsmen and women won almost 60 medals at this year’s Czech Academic Games, the mini Czech Olympics for university students.  The event was organized by the Brno University of Technology (BUT), where MUNI representatives won 19 gold, 20 silver and 17 bronze medals. This gave MUNI second place overall behind Charles University and in front of the organizers BUT in third place.

Major contributions to the overall total were made by Masaryk University teams especially for winning the men’s basketball final, women’s futsal, women’s volleyball and the mixed ultimate frisbee.

Individual sporting performances worth noting included the swimmer Dominik Vavrečka (Sports Faculty), who won 5 medals in individuals disciplines, or his team-mate Tereza Polachová, who won four medals.  MUNI was especially successful in karate, where Simona Forstová (Sports Faculty), won 3 medals and Martin Baňas 2.

In athletics, the Sports Faculty’s own first year student Gabriela Bojanovská showed her range of skills, winning silver in the discus and the hammer.  “These are my favourite disciplines, even though I compete in others”, Bojanovská added after the competitions, delighted with her performances from the Academic Games.  “This year has been very difficult for me.  I’ve now finished my first year and I’ve had to get used to loads of new things, so I’ve only got around to training once a week,” Bojanovská commented, in her first year competing with adults, no longer amongst juniors.  She studies Animator of Sports Activities and Mathematics focused on teaching.  She’s going to stay on the course, but she hopes that next year she’ll have a little more time for training.  “These two medals are the boost I needed to make it all seem worthwhile”, she added.

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