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Student´s academy of psychomotricity 2018 – WE LIKE TO MOVE IT!

Student´s academy of psychomotricity 2018 – WE LIKE TO MOVE IT!

In March 22-25 Student´s academy of the European Forum of Psychomotricity – WE LIKE TO MOVE IT! took place in Brno, Czech Republic. The event was organized by academics and students of the Faculty of Sports Studies and the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University. The Student´s Academy takes place annually in a different country under the auspices of the European Forum of Psychomotricity (EFP) and the deans of the organising institutions. More than 50 students of psychomotor study fields and psychomotor therapy experts arrived to Brno from ten European countries. During the student´s academy in Brno a board meeting of the EFP board, with its president Pim Hoek (NL) was held as well.

The official opening of the Student´s academy took place in the university Scala cinema with key note speeches of the invited experts (Pim Hoek, Ditte-Marie Post, Thesi Zak, Hana Dvořáková and Tereza Louková) and a dance choreography WE LIKE TO MOVE IT! which became the common enjoyable and fun part of the daily academy programme.

During the academy the participants had the opportunity to take part in eight psychomotor workshops given by the international experts who focused on specific themes (e.g. Building bridges to people suffering dementia with and by movement, Body awareness, Psychomotor games for seniors and clients with Parkinsons ́ s disease, Czech Framework Educational Programmes in practice..). Some of the workshops were arranged directly with the target group – e.g. seniors with the Parkinson´s disease. The participating international students, as it is a common tradition of the student´s academies, offered many interesting workshops as well in which they introduced the specifics of psychomotor activities and therapy in their home countries.

At the end of the academy a social evening in a unique venue of the VIDA! science centre was arranged. The participants thus had a chance to share the new experience and knowledge and to explore many interesting activities and experiments that are offered by this popular scientific park.

Last but not least, a foundation meeting of the Czech Association of Psychomotricity was held during the academy and the Czech psychomotricity representatives from five Czech cities thus founded a new and strong platform for collaboration with the European Forum of Psychomotricity and other institutions.

The objective of the student´s academies of psychomotricity is to share pieces of knowledge and skills in the field of psychomotricity and psychomotor therapy as well as to bring students and experts from the whole Europe together. We are happy to see that this year´s academy WE LIKE TO MOVE IT! has fulfilled its mission and was accepted with lots of interest, participation and positive energy of all the participants. Czech students from both faculties of the Masaryk University who helped with organisation had also extended their knowledge of the importance and positive effects of psychomotor activities in various target groups.

More information about the event and photo gallery: http://saefp2018.fsps.muni.cz/

Dagmar Heiland Trávníková
Coordinator of SA2018