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The President has named Martin Bareš as the Rector of Masaryk University

The President has named Martin Bareš as the Rector of Masaryk University

The new Rector of Masaryk University Martin Bareš was appointed by President Miloš Zeman at Prague Castle.  On 1st September, he will take over from Mikuláš Bek, who steps down after his second mandate on 31st August.  Bareš, who was previously Dean of the Masaryk University’s Faculty of Medicine , will become the University’s 24th Rector. He had already been elected by the members of the University’s Academic Senate on 1st April.

Bareš had also already nominated his new pro-rectors, who he’ll present to the University’s Academic Senate in September.  There will be seven of them, with two more continuing from the previous leadership.

Martin Bareš especially wants to push the university to increase the quality of education and research. “Masaryk University has invested a lot in its infrastructure, which is now at a top European level.  However, we need to develop the potential of our academic staff and students further, since they have and will have a major share in how successful we will be as a university in the future”, the new Rector said.

Bareš’ aim is to get Masaryk University into the top 500 in the prestigious world ladder of universities and to overtake Charles University by 2030 as the top Czech university.

Martin Bareš also wants to focus on strengthening Masaryk University’s role in society.  “As a university, we must pay more attention to society’s needs and to comment on the important issues and problems in society.  Although we are an apolitical institution, we have a responsibility to society as well as the necessary expertise”, the newly-named rector declared.