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About department

The Department is made up of three departments. It was founded in 2008 by dividing the existing Department of Sports Education. The Department is the guarantor of the teaching of the theory and methodology of athletics, swimming, and the theory and methodology of skiing, cycling, biathlon and other outdoor sports. It organizes courses for professional physical education at the faculty. Through its theoretical lessons and practical courses the Department also covers fitness training and a wide range of sports associated with active movement and activity in the countryside. Students are introduced to the issues of hiking, biking and water sports, even in their less traditional forms. Other subjects taught include snowboarding, carving and survival. One of the basic pedagogical tasks of the Department of Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Sports of MU is the professional guarantee of the field of study Animator of Sport Activities at the Faculty of Sports Studies. The Department provides instructor licensing courses for lifeguards, ski instructors, biking instructors and snowboarding instructors. The Department of Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Sports also focuses on the theory of sports training, physical activity of the population, biathlon methodology and the creation of cycle routes.