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About department

Since the establishment of the faculty in 2002 the current Department of Kinesiology has borne the title Department of Kinanthropology and has covered the great majority of theoretical subjects of social sciences (sports psychology), pedagogy and didactics (practice, didactics of physical education) and Kinanthropology (biomechanics, anthropomotorics theory of sports training, methodology). In 2008 the department was renamed to the Department of Kinesiology. The composition of the covered disciplines within Bachelor and Master study programs in the area of Biomedicine and Kinanthropology have also changed. Today the structure of the Department is formed by the Department of Sport Motorics and Methodology in Kinanthropology which teaches the subjects Anthropomotorics, Biomechanics, Methodology, Informatics, and the Department of Medical Sciences in Sports, under whose auspices the instruction of the subjects Anatomy and morphology of the locomotor system, Physiology, Sports medicine, First aid and Exercise testing take place. The Laboratory of Kinanthropological Research, which provides its services to athletes and the public, deals with that in detail.