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About department

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Sports Studies, the Department of Social Science Basics, later renamed the Department of Social Studies. The staff is responsible for teaching part of the so-called university foundation, as well as the pedagogical-psychological study of the teaching of physical education. The essential tasks have included the development of communication with the parallel disciplines of Kinesiology (e.g. The Philosophy of Sport, Sociology of Sport or Sports Psychology) and contributing to the fulfilment of the strategic vision of the faculty. In 2008, the current Department of Sport Pedagogy was created. Professionally, as well as in terms of research and teaching, it has focused on pedagogy and sport pedagogy. It also cooperates with analogous pedagogical and sport-pedagogical centres in the Czech Republic (e.g. with the Institute for Research in School Education at the MU Faculty of Education). The Department collaborates with sports faculties at universities in Prague and Olomouc (e.g. the creation of a national textbook of Sport pedagogy). The basic pedagogical responsibilities of the Department of Sport Pedagogy include Physical education teaching, organization of teachers and teaching at FSPS MU, the organization of teaching and teaching practice and teaching of educational subjects (e.g. the foundations of pedagogy and didactics, didactics of physical education, sport pedagogy, school pedagogy, pedagogy of free time etc.).