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Science and Research, Projects

In terms of research, the Department together with its doctoral students focuses on issues of education, gradation and the expertise of sports educators (e.g. the successfully completed project Teachers in the Late Stage of their Careers; Typology of Physical Education Teachers in terms of their Interaction Patterns; Informal Training of Sports Coaches). In the context of development projects, the members of the Department of Sport Pedagogy successfully participated in projects of the Higher Education Development Fund (e.g. Innovation of the subject Teaching Practice in the Field of Teaching Physical Education in the Scope of the Transition to a Structured Form of Study; Innovation of the Pedagogical-psychological Training of Physical Education Teachers) and projects of the European social fund (e.g. Innovation and Modernization of the Study Subjects of FSPS) or the project On the playground and in the water, being with children is always a joy. The Department of Sport Pedagogy works closely with a number of primary and secondary schools and selected leisure institutions in South Moravia on the professional and organizational framework to ensure best teaching and pedagogical practices.

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