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About department

Department of Health Promotion was established in 2008 by splitting the original Department of Sports Medicine and Health Physical Education. In its current form it provides two Bachelor’s degree courses of study: Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport and Physiotherapy and the follow up Master's degree course: Applied Kinesiology. In the context of accredited courses of lifelong learning, it prepares qualified professionals for the profession of consultant for nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and for regeneration and nutrition in sports and physiotherapy. The main areas of interest of the Department include Public Health, as well as the health of elite athletes. Its experts address the problem of sedentary lifestyle and its effects on human musculoskeletal and internal systems; effects such as metabolic syndrome, correction of postural pathology or the treatment effect of new forms of physical activity. In the area of professional sport it focuses on nutrition, recovery and the rehabilitation of athletes. In this field, the Department collaborates with selected sports federations, clubs and athletes themselves, in close cooperation with other experts from the academic and business community. Experts from the Department of Health Support lecture across all fields of study, but the predominance of teaching lies in these fields of study.