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About department

The Department of Sports was founded in 2008 by dividing the existing Department of Sport Education. The Department is responsible for ensuring the teaching of common subjects and sport games for the fields of teaching, coaching, regeneration and nutrition in sport, sport management and the special education of security bodies. It also participates in the teaching of the study field Physical Education and Sport and the courses of study Coaching, Soccer Referee and Ice Hockey Referee. The primary aim of the Department is to familiarize students with the issues of organizing sporting activities as a component of leisure activities. It organizes activities in the first stage of teaching (single-subject) with a focus on physical education. It especially prepares professionals who are qualified as teaching assistants or organizers of leisure activities which are physical in nature. Graduates are able to create educational programmes in sport and recreational physical activities according to their specialization. They are also able to utilize the acquired knowledge for cooperation with sports federations, unions and civic associations.