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Exchange Students

Erasmus+ study exchange programme

Erasmus+ study exchange programme is based on agreements between individual departments, faculties and universities. For the list of bilateral agreements of the Faculty of Sports Studies please follow here.
Once you have been nominated for the Erasmus+ study exchange at the Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University Brno (for more information about the selection procedure, please contact Erasmus+ exchange coordinator at your home institution) please follow the guidelines on the Erasmus application process.  
For practical information (accommodation, academic calendar, Czech language courses, etc.) please see the website of the Centre for International Cooperation MU

Guests students

In case you are not eligible for international mobility program you can still apply as a guest student. The same procedure should be taken by students who would like to come as CEEPUS freemovers.
Please fill in the online application and submit the required documents.
for the Autumn semester: 15 June
for the Spring semester: 15 November

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