Habilitation Procedure

From 1.4.2016 is the habilitaion procedures and professor appointment procedure regulated by Masaryk University Directive No. 1/2016.
The provisions of this Directive are applicable to procedures initiated prior to this Directive taking effect, with the exception stated in Section 19. This Directive replaces Rector's Directive No. 3/2014
The procedure is also regulated by Dean´s Directive No. 1/2012.
The applicant's proposal for initiating a habilitation procedure, including all required enclosures has to be submitted to Science and Research Department of the faculty one month before the Scientific Board meeting.

Masaryk University Directive No. 1/2016


No. 1 – Habilitation procedure initiation proposal
No. 2 – Professor appointment procedure initiation proposal
No. 3 – Recommended CV template
No. 4 – Documents certifying pedagogical experience
No. 5 – List of scholarly or artistic works
No. 6 – Reception of published works
No. 7 – Comprehensive information on the applicant’s scholarly and pedagogical works and their reception
No. 8 – List of scholarly or artistic placements
No. 9 – Additional materials documenting scientific or artistic qualifications
No. 10 – Request for habilitation or evaluation board assessment submitted by thedean
No. 11 – Habilitation thesis reviewer's report
No. 12 – Public lecture evaluation
No. 13 – Habilitation board decision on the nomination for appointment to associate professor
No. 14 – Evaluation board decision on the nomination for appointment to professor