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General information

Here you will find information on degree programmes offered at the Faculty of Sports Studies and on the admissions procedure to regular studies. For information on short-term exchanges, please go to the International Relations section.
WARNING: All bachelor’s and master’s courses are taught in CZECH. Students from abroad who wish to register for a Czech degree programme have the opportunity to improve their language skills in a year-long preparatory course.

Level of studies

The Faculty of Sports Studies offers education at three levels – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral.
Bachelor's degree programmes are normally spread over three years. A condition for applicants is having completed their secondary education. Successful graduates receive the title of "Bachelor of Arts" (Bc)
Graduates of the Bachelor’s programme can extend their knowledge with a two-year Master's degree programme. The academic degree "Master of Arts" (Mgr) is awarded at the end of the studies. 
Doctoral studies are characterized by individualized and independent academic activity. This normally takes four years and graduates receive the title "Ph.D."


General information about the admissions procedure at Masaryk University can be found here.
A certificate of medical fitness from a sports medic or doctor specialising in physical education must be attached to the application to the Faculty of Sports Studies. A list of sports medics or doctors specialising in physical education in the Czech Republic is available to applicants here: www.cstl.cz/

The application

Applications can be submitted only online through this specific form
The administrative admission fee for each submitted application is 650 CZK. The fee may vary slightly from year to year. After filling in the application form, the system will guide applicants on how to pay the fee. 

Admissions to the Bachelor’s study programme

The admissions procedure has several parts, depending on the field which the applicant wishes to apply for. The criteria for admission to individual degree courses are listed here (in Czech). Generally, the entrance examination contains the following parts:
• A field-specific written test
• Practical Test: swimming, athletics, gymnastics, basketball, Jacík’s motor skills test

The admissions procedure to the master's degree programme

The condition for admission to the master's programme is having graduated with a Bachelor's degree. The admissions procedure is in the form of written field-specific tests. Candidates interested in the field of Applied Sport Education of Security Bodies also take a practical entrance exam – Jacík’s motor skills test.

Preparation for the entrance exam

The Faculty of Sports Studies organizes Sports training for the practical entrance exam for applicants. Current information on courses can be found at the Shopping centre, where you can also pay for a course.

Tuition fees and scholarships

There is no tuition fee for degree studies in Czech. 
The tuition fee for the Ph.D. study programme called Kinanthropology in English is 4000 EUR per academic year.
Some of the compulsory education at the Faculty of Sports Studies, especially courses, has to be paid by students. 
Financial support for students