Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk UniversityFaculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University

International Summer
School of Combatives
2012 - 2016

Department of Combatives,
Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

is proud to present

International Summer School
of Combatives, a unique event in the heart of Europe.

Dear former participants and fans of the International Summer School of Combatives,

We have already experienced 5 great sports events with professional lecturers and trainers of combative sports. We improved in Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, MMA, BJJ, Panantukan… We tried scenario trainings in High Gear, tactical games or stunt training. All that and even more during last five Summer Schools of Combatives 2012 – 2016. We would like to inform you that there will be a break in 2017. We intend to organize the Summer School in further years.

You can visit our archive page to see programme, photos and movies from previous events.

Date of the next event will be announced.