8th International Conference
  Sport and quality of life 2011


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Thematic Sections and Committees of the 8th International conference

As a part of the conference the plenary session of the heads of physical education departments of Czech universities will be held.

Thematic sections

  • Sport in the perspective of Social Sciences (psychology, sociology, philosophy, pedagogy)
  • Sport management
  • Safety in Physical Education, Sport and Leisure Activities
  • Physiotherapy and Kinesiotherapy
  • Sports Training, Professional Sport
  • Biomedical aspects of Sport
  • Innovation of the Physical Education and Sports Studies
  • Methodology in Kinanthropology

  • Poster section

The conference will be simultaneously translated into Czech.

Conference Outcomes

On the occasion of the conference an extra issue of the journal Studia Sportiva including selected papers from each thematic section will be published.

Book of abstracts and CD with full version papers will be distributed at the attendance desk.


The conference is realized under the auspices of:

prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala, Ph.D., LL.M., rector of the Masaryk University
Mgr. Michal Hašek, hetman of the South Moravian Region
doc. RNDr. Jan Hendl, CSc., head of the Czech Kinantropology Association

Scientific Committee:
doc. Mgr. Jiří Nykodým, Ph.D.  chairman
prof. PhDr. Michal Charvát, CSc.
prof. PhDr. Vladimír Hellebrandt, Ph.D.
prof. MUDr. Jan Novotný, CSc.
doc. PhDr. Josef Pavlík, CSc.
doc. PaedDr. Marie Blahutková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Martin Zvonař, Ph.D.

Honorary Committee:
prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala, Ph.D., LL.M., rector of the Masaryk University
Bc. Roman Onderka, MBA, Brno city mayor
doc. PhDr. Vladimír Süss, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, UK Praha
doc. PhDr. Zbyněk Svozil, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, UP Olomouc
doc. PaedDr. Miroslav Holienka, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, UK Bratislava
PhDr. Walter Bartoš, vice president of the Committee of Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport , Parliament of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Jiří Nantl, LL.M., president of the High school education department, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
MUDr. Milan Jirásek, president of the Czech Olympic Committee
RNDr. Miloš Vrabec, president of the Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic
Pavel Kořan, president of the Czech Association of Physical Education
doc. PhDr. František Dvořák, CSc., president of the Czech Association of High School Physical Education
doc. MUDr. Luboš Hrazdira, CSc., president of the Czech Society of Sports Medicine

Organisig Committee:
Mgr. Martin Zvonař, Ph.D., chairman
Ing. Michaela Zimová
Mgr. Eva Špillingová
Mgr. Martina Pluháčková
Bc. Roman Drga
Bc. Viktor Póč, M.Sc.