8th International Conference
  Sport and quality of life 2011



All the participants who want to assure the publication of their papers should pay the conference fee by September 30th 2011.

PARTICIPANTSUntil 31. 8. 2011From 1. 9. 2011
student30 €/750,- Kč120 €/3000,- Kč
Czech Kinantropology Association member60 €/1500,- Kč
participant100 €/2500,- Kč
visitors60 €/1500,- Kč
cancellation fee30 €/750,- Kč
The conference fee covers:

Admission to all thematic sections
One copy of Proceedings
Certificate of attendance
Free entrance to the International sport fair “SPORT Life”
Social evening banquet

Payment modes

Online via debit or credit card, payment on account – please follow MU Shopping Centre

You can print an invoice after ordering the payment.