Exemption from Physical Education and having previous Physical Education recognised

Medical exemption from PE

If you have medical restrictions that prevent you from completing compulsory physical education, it is possible to apply to register for the p999 Physical Education – Health Exemption course.

Students request v Document Office in IS.

If you have any health restrictions and you want to play sports but you do not know which course to choose due to the restrictions, you can ask for a consultation at the Teiresias Centre (Ilya Rajdova rajdova@teiresias.muni.cz). It does not have to be just an impairment in the sensory organs or a physical disability, but also various forms of civilisation diseases (musculoskeletal diseases – spinal pain, cardiovascular diseases – high blood pressure,  nutrition-related diseases – anorexia, bulimia, overweight/obesity)..., or you can choose from the range of physical education courses provided by the Teiresias Centre.

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Sports exemption from PE

If you are a high-performance or elite athlete, are a member of a sports club, train regularly and take part in competitions, you can apply to register for p998 Physical Education - Sports Exemption.

Students request v Document Office in IS.

Having a previous PE course recognised

If you have previously taken Physical Education as part of a previous degree at another college or university, you may apply to have a Physical Education course recognised.

Students request v Document Office in IS.

If you do not see an agenda called Mandatory TV in your "Document Office" in Information System (IS), it has not yet been implemented by your faculty. In this case, please contact your faculty's study department, who will advise you which agenda to use for your application. Forms for medical and athletic exemptions are available in IS.

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