Forms of studying PE

Compulsory PE

  • PE is provided for MUNI full-time students by the University Sports Centre at the Faculty of Sports Studies (FSpS) at Masaryk University.
  • All full-time students have to meet the requirement of gaining two credits in PE from the courses registered under the course code P9… (1 course = 1 credit) during their Bachelor’s and long Master’s study programmes in order to complete their Compulsory PE. Full-time students exempt from this include those studying Nursery School Teaching at MUNI’s Teaching Faculty, Primary School (Stage 1) Teaching and the Paramedics and Physiotherapy study programmes at the Medical Faculty and students of the Sports Faculty (FSpS).
  • Students choose from a range of sporting activity courses according to their sporting focus, interest and schedule. The range of courses is published in the IS and on the FSpS website (see Schedule). Students can enrol in the same course repeatedly.
  • During one semester, a maximum of one physical/sports activity course can be registered.
  • The course can be taken in any semester of study.
  • After completing 2 credits of p9… subjects, only c9... fee-paying PE courses can be registered.
  • Exemptions from attendance are granted to students on the basis of medical recommendations or athletes who are regularly involved in training for elite and high-performance sports.

All information regarding the range of courses offered, training courses, contact information for USC teachers, information regarding classes, application forms for sports and medical exemption, and dates of events held for students are posted on the USC website. Enquiries should be sent to:

Fee-Paying Studies

  • The University Sports Centre at MUNI’s Faculty of Sports Studies also works with the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the Faculty to offer fee-paying PE courses. Subjects are listed under the course codes c9.... Upon completion of the requirements, the student will receive a credit as part of the Sport Faculty’s separate Centre for Lifelong Learning. The student should apply for possible credit towards their studies at their home faculty. These courses are open to MUNI students in all types of studies and is not limited in any way.
  • Students should register for fee-paying courses at MUNI Sales Office.
  • WARNING!!! Credits from c9 subjects do not replace the requirement of obtaining 2 credits from p9 subjects…
  • In addition to regular semester classes, the Sport’s Faculty’s USC organises one-off commercial events for students and other interested parties through the Centre for Lifelong Learning. See Upcoming Events.

Fee-paying PE courses

  • USC in cooperation with the Centre of Lifelong Learning at the FSpS offers a fee-paying form of PE courses. These optional fee-paying courses are listed under course codes C9.... After completing such a course, students receive a credit (1 course = 1 credit). These courses are offered to all students at MUNI in all study programmes with no limitations.
  • Student do NOT register for these seminar groups via the MU IS, but via the Commercial Centre. In the MUNI IS, these seminar groups are only displayed for scheduling reasons.
  • WARNING!!! – The completion of any PE course C9… does NOT replace the obligation to complete 2 compulsory P9… PE courses.
  • In addition to regular sports courses, USC organises commercial sports events and workshops for students and those who are interested (these are offered via the Centre of Lifelong Learning). This offer is displayed at the following address:, – FEE-PAYING PE COURSES. It is updated regularly.

Other Sports events and activities on offer

• USC organises for MUNI students a lot of other sports events and competitions throughout the academic year. To see the range on offer, go to: – Events calendar.

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