Academics benefit from Erasmus+ too

In the long term, our goal is to build and enhance connections with international institutions and individuals. To achieve this, we extend our support to not just our students but also to both academic and non-academic staff for journeys to foreign countries. One such way for travel is the Erasmus+ program, and dr. Dominik Bokůvka, an assistant professor in the Department of Sport Performance and Exercise Testing, recently took advantage of this opportunity by participating in a teaching mobility in Santarém, Portugal.

8 Feb 2024

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"I'm excited to recount my recent experiences in Portugal, where I had the unique chance to engage in a teaching exchange at a sports-focused faculty. This institution has a collaboration agreement with FSpS MU under the Erasmus+ program, and it's a familiar destination for both our faculty's academics and students – Santarém Polytechnic University. The sports faculty, Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior, is situated in the quaint town that's reflected in its name.

Throughout my stay, I contributed to teaching various courses. Initially, I participated in surfing and skateboarding classes, activities both similar and different from the snowboarding I teach at our faculty. I also had the opportunity to instruct soccer to both undergraduate and Erasmus students, along with a course named "Development of Physical Skills," where students in the coaching degree program presented research studies based on their coaching experiences.

A standout moment for me was attending a home football match of Sporting Lisbon, providing me with an authentic glimpse into the passion and culture surrounding Portuguese football. Through my collaboration with the institution, I established several connections. One noteworthy contact is Eduardo Teixeira, who not only teaches the mentioned master's course but also coaches the G.D. Estoril Praia women's A team. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for future exchanges and the sharing of expertise in sports training.

During my stay, we also explored the prospect of foreign colleagues from the football realm visiting us at FSpS MU. This is planned for April, and there's a chance that some students might get the opportunity to meet these foreign colleagues in person during their football lessons."

Mgr. Dominik Bokůvka, Ph.D.

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