The Intensity of mechanical loading in men's artistic gymnastics



Year of publication 2018
Type Conference abstract
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Sports Studies

Description The aim of this study was to determine the volume of the mechanical loading and active training time of artistic gymnasts in training. To quantify the monitored variables, we recorded a video of 22 training sessions in 5 elite junior artistic gymnasts who train for a total of 22h a week. Non-specific exercises, such as warm-up, stretching or strengthening, were not included. Furthermore, we analyzed the contents of Code of Points (COP) in Men Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) (2017 – 2020). The results showed that the average active training time on gymnastics equipment was 70.8 ± 12.4 min per week. Ratio of active training time on vault, rings, floor, high bar, pommel horse and parallel bars was 1:10:10:19:25:35. Within one week, the gymnast is loaded with 654 hands impacts, 268 leg impacts, 225 tensile loads of upper arms during swings in hanging position and 119 compression loads of upper arms in support position on average. In terms of asymmetric execution, 477 elements are symmetric and 346 asymmetric of the total of 823 elements listed by COP in MAG. Pommel horse elements are 100% unilateral, on the contrary, exercises on the rings contains no asymmetric element. Ratios of symmetric and asymmetric elements in other men's gymnastics events are as follows: floor exercise (86:25) vault (30:82), parallel bars (109: 63), horizontal bar (98:51). We found out that the gymnast performs 457.6 elements per week, which are asymmetric in terms of the lower or upper extremities movement or body rotation. Continuous monitoring of the gymnast's mechanical load could help to better plan the training content, thus prevent health problems caused by overloading the musculoskeletal system and avoid the occurrence of imbalances.
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