Kinematic analysis of the side kick in taekwon-do



Year of publication 2011
Type Conference abstract
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Sports Studies

Description The aim of this study was to analyse the most important parameters determinant quality of motion structure of the side kick and compare them with the right technique of taekwondo side kick based on biomechanics principles. We did a 3D kinematical analysis of the side kick in taekwon-do. For scanning the picture we used two high-frequency synchronized digital cameras SIMI MOTION Version 7. The side kick was performed by 6 taekwon-do athletes of different levels. On the basis of 3D kinematical analysis the characteristics of key phases of the side kick in taekwon-do were evaluated. We were interested mainly in the spatial and speed characteristics of the ankle of the kicking leg. Ankle kicking leg trajectory should have the shape of an arch in the vertical plane. However, probands ankles took the shortest path, a straight line. Therefore, they didn't approach to the boards perpendicularly but from below. Even in the horizontal plane, every proband failed to impact the boards perpendicularly. The divergence angle was 8 - 19 degrees from the optimum angle of 90 degrees. These are no small mistakes that leads to loss of momentum. In all cases the ankle instantaneous velocity increased during the kick. Impact velocities show that advanced athletes are able to produce higher velocity of the kicking ankle despite some technical imperfections. On the basis of theoretical biomechanical analysis we determined the optimal performance model of key phases of the side kick in taekwon-do. With the use of 3D kinematical analysis we managed to concrete data of the most important spatio-temporal characteristics and detect the most common inaccuracies in segments movement. They depend on condition and coordination abilities level of taekwon-do athletes and on another factors.

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