Novel Network-Based Approaches for Studying Cognitive Dysfunction in Behavioral Neurology (CoBeN)


This project doesn't include Faculty of Sports Studies. It includes Central European Institute of Technology. Official project website can be found on

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3/2017 - 2/2022
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European Union
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Central European Institute of Technology
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University of Szeged

We will employ Behavioural Neurology approaches to study universal, language-specific and disease-specific neural network architectures for linguistic and motor aspects of speech and handwriting as well as universal and disease-specific neural networks for visual processing. Prof. Rapcsaks’s (UoA) knowledge and expertise lies specifically in Behavioural Neurology which does not exist as a clinical specialization in either the Czech Republic (MU) or Hungary (USZ). This will be the main transfer of knowledge to our European countries. Our work is split into 5 major foci/ WPs.


Total number of publications: 14

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