Health Day 2024

On Saturday, 27 April, students of Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport and Physiotherapy together with experts from our faculty organized a Health Day or Spring full of prevention for the general public. The aim was to present comprehensive prevention and healthy lifestyle options to the general public. This was a continuation of the Health Day event from last year.

13 May 2024 Pavlína Bazalová

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The rich programme offered a series of lectures focused on healthy nutrition, sleep quality, recommendations for physical activity and introduction of prevention programmes for all age groups. Visitors had the opportunity to try a wide range of physical activities hands-on, from exercises for preschool and school children to fitness training and yoga classes for all ages, to specific exercises for the office, or for fall prevention and exercises for seniors. In addition to movement activities, body composition measurements on InBody devices were available for those interested, followed by consultations on diets and exercise regimes. There was also an open physiotherapy clinic, where experts and students performed foot examinations, including podoscope examinations. In between exercise and lectures, visitors could also visit the faculty gym and work out under the supervision of students who advised on the correct technique and execution of exercises.

The event allowed visitors to gain insight into a comprehensive approach to health including nutrition, physical activity, quality sleep, and other forms of prevention. The number of visitors and the queues in front of the clinics showed us that the interest in this issue is growing in the population and people want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle. Students and experts from the faculty demonstrated how theoretical knowledge and practical skills from their studies can be applied in practice. This gave the public a unique opportunity to take a peek under the hood of what goes on at the Faculty of Sports Studies MU.

We want to thank all the organizers and participants and look forward to the next edition of the Health Day!

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