Online exercise for MUNI staff

The current situation is challenging our approach to teaching but also our free-time activities. Our teachers from the University Sports Centre prepared online lectures on various types of physical activities. All MUNI staff can join the lectures free of charge.

19 Oct 2020

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Online lectures commence in the week from 19th October and will take place regularly every week until further notice. All MUNI staff has been informed about the lectures via e-mail along with MS Teams links and contacts on each lecturer. Anyone who wants to meet the teachers before the first lecture can watch their introduction videos on Youtube.

Online exercise will improve your fitness, strengthen your immunity, and contribute to your mental well-being during the time when sports and relaxation facilities are closed.

Please register for each exercise at least half an hour before the start so the lecturer can add you to the group on time. Or better register now, and later you can join anytime.

1. Spinning, MONDAY 4 – 5:20 pm Lecturer: Milan Šipl:

2. Conditioning exercises 1, MONDAY 5:40–6:40 pm Lecturer: Jan Konečný:

3. Yogalates, TUESDAY 8 – 9 am Lecturer: Alena Kostelníková:

4. Exercise for correct body posture, TUESDAY 4 – 5 pm Lecturer: Saša Malá: (start on 27 Oct)

5. Conditioning exercises 2, TUESDAY 5 – 6 pm Lecturer: Saša Malá: (start on 27 Oct)

6. Body in balance, THURSDAY 3 – 4 pm Lecturer: Alena Pokorná:

7. Bodystyling, THURSDAY 4 – 5 pm Lecturer: Radka Střeštíková:

8. Pilates, THURSDAY 5 – 6 pm Lecturer: Renáta Vychodilová:

9. SM system advanced, FRIDAY 8:45 – 9:45 am Lecturer: Zora Svobodová:
Where to buy SM system equipment

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