Parents and their Children’s Sports

What roles do parenting styles play in their children's sports activities? The influence of parents on their children's motivation for regular movement is crucial and irreplaceable, and particularly strong in those cases where they influence their children by undertaking regular joint sports activities with them.

22 Apr 2022 Aleš Sekot

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In the context of motivating children for movement, it is necessary to remember that excitement for any kind of sport is always the prerequisite for engaging in this sport and successfully continuing to practice it. Success, in this case, does not mean winning but rather, it is the measurement of how much the child enjoys the sport and how often they engage in it.

Low interest of the child in a particular sport could be caused, for example, by a wrong choice of sport or by unsatisfactory relationships with peers or the coach. Especially in the older school age, the development of personality leading to change of interests could also be the reason. Especially in the case of lack of will and patience, it is suitable to find a different sport for the child; the essential thing is cultivating the child’s physical condition and movement continuously.

You can learn more in the e-book Parents and their Children’s Sports. Parenting as motivation factor of children and youth by Aleš Sekot.​

E-book Parents and their Children’s Sports.

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