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The ratio of the elderly to the total population has been steadily increasing over the past decades. For example, in the Czech Republic, according to the Czech Statistical Office, seniors now make up one-fifth of the population and are expected to make up almost one-third by 2050. For this reason, there is a need to focus on this age group and to target the promotion of active ageing aimed at maintaining self-sufficiency and promoting health. Physical activity plays an indispensable role in this area. Promoting physical activity in the home environment through educational brochures is the main goal of the ongoing project of the Masaryk University ComMUNIty Fund - Active Ageing.

1 Nov 2023 Andrea Horáková

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Every senior who is motivated to be active does not have the opportunity to attend commercial exercise classes for many reasons (e.g., long distance from home, fear of travel, lack of financial resources, or fear of group exercise). Furthermore, there are a small number of classes in Brno and the surrounding area dedicated to targeted physical activity for seniors, and therefore their capacity is quickly filled. Therefore, active seniors who would like to exercise more than once a week often do not have this opportunity, but can continue to exercise at home or on holiday with the help of brochures.

The output of the project will be three electronic and printed brochures focusing on the prescription of physical activity suitable for seniors. Each brochure will be aimed at a different difficulty level (beginners, advanced, able-bodied) and will contain a theoretical part (importance of physical activity and nutrition in the context of healthy aging) and a practical part (designing a suitable workout according to the difficulty level with description and graphic support). Thanks to the booklets, seniors will learn useful information on how they can influence their own aging process and learn new exercises that they can practice at home.

Electronic brochures will be available online from 1 January 2024 and printed brochures from 1 February 2024.

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